How do you prepare your students for high school and beyond?


Stable, Comfortably-Sized, Experienced, Successful The WELS School system of over 430 schools reaches over 26,000 students nationwide. WELS operates 27 high school across the nation with a new high school (Cornerstone Lutheran High School) opening in the Chippewa Valley next fall. Academically Excellent Lutheran school students test 23% higher than the national average on standard achievement tests. Average SAT/ACT test scores of students attending Lutheran high schools are well above the national average. Students in Lutheran schools at every grade level, and especially in middle school and high school, have more developmental assets than students in public schools, according to [...]

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How is St. Paul’s different from other schools?


At St. Paul's, we believe the spiritual care of a child is of the utmost importance. We teach God's Word in its truth and purity by instructing our students in the Bible's fundamental Christian doctrines and equipping them to apply Scriptural truths to their lives. As such, we are committed to assisting the parents by providing a quality, Christ-centered education to the children entrusted to our care and instructing them in God's plan of salvation. Gospel Centered Keep Christ and his Gospel central to everything we do at St. Paul's. For I resolved to know nothing while I was with [...]

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Why should I choose a Christian education for my child?


The answer is simple. From 3K to 8th grade, at St. Paul's we build on the most important foundation there is: Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Having a foundation that is based on God's love for His children allows our students to grow up with a healthy self-worth and respect for themselves and for others around them. Having a foundation built on Jesus Christ encourages every child to strive for a future where his or her God-given talents are used in everything we do in life and it's done to the glory of our God. Finally and most importantly, [...]

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Is St. Paul’s accredited?


Yes! In 2014 and again in 2019, we received our accreditation through WELSSA. Accreditation means that we meet and exceed the standards that is expected from a high-quality school. Standards include a variety of categories such as curriculum or school administration. If you have additional questions regarding our accreditation or standards, please contact Principal Buss. You can see our 2022 WELSSA certificate here: WELSSA Certificate

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