Click here to view and/or download the 2022-2023 Handbook for Families: The Handbook for Families 2022-2023

The purpose of this handbook is to give necessary information about St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran School to parents who have enrolled their children or are considering enrollment in our school. In reading this handbook carefully, you will find answers to many of the questions that may come to mind regarding our Lutheran Elementary School Program. We hope you find this handbook useful, and that you will refer to it many times during the school year. Comments and suggestions concerning our Handbook for Families are always welcome. Parents may speak to the principal or set up a time to appear to the board at a monthly meeting. Our prayer is that this handbook helps us all effectively teach the students the love of Jesus who died for all and share that gospel in whatever manner our Savior would have them best use their gifts in this life.

Upon enrolling your child in St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran School and Early Childhood Ministry, you indicate that you subscribe to the policies stated in this handbook and all other policies of the school as adopted by the School Board. When there is no board policy in existence to provide guidance in a matter before the administration, the principal is authorized to act appropriately under the circumstances surrounding the situation, keeping in mind good Christian common sense, and the Constitution and Bylaws of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Questions regarding any of the school’s policies as stated or not stated here may be directed to the principal.