The answer is simple. From 3K to 8th grade, at St. Paul’s we build on the most important foundation there is: Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Having a foundation that is based on God’s love for His children allows our students to grow up with a healthy self-worth and respect for themselves and for others around them. Having a foundation built on Jesus Christ encourages every child to strive for a future where his or her God-given talents are used in everything we do in life and it’s done to the glory of our God. Finally and most importantly, a foundation built on God and His grace for us is not just for this life – it’s for eternity!

Christian education shows our students God’s saving Word and eternal love for us, His children! Through daily classes in God’s Word, devotions, discussions, and prayer, we are able to ensure that our Students know the love of God. Weekly chapels allow our students to bond with children of all age ranges and gain fellowship with them as they strengthen their faiths in God’s house. You can learn more about what we believe at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church & School by contacting Principal Buss or visiting this link: