Welcome to the Kindergarten Class Page!

It’s good to be back together in school. We are praying that everyone who is sick recovers quickly and that the rest stay healthy moving forward. In that regard,

there are about five students that have not been bringing water bottles to school. The water bottles make drink breaks much easier as we are trying to avoid using the drinking fountains. Please send a water bottle if you have not already been doing so.


The theme for this week’s Bible lessons is Faith is being certain of what we do not see. We will see God command Abraham to do a very hard thing – sacrifice the son he had waited and waited for. Because of his faith in GOd’s promises, Abraham was willing to obey. Then we will see the faith of Abraham’s servant as he carried out his task of finding a wife for Isaac. He prayed and trusted God to answer.


This week we will do some assessments to see where the kindergarten students are at with their number recognition and counting skills. Later in the week we will work on identifying squares and rectangles as well as knowing right from left.


By the middle of this week, the children will have been introduced to all of the short vowel sounds. Look for their miniature Aa card in their folders today. Add this to your collection and continue to review these vowel sounds as needed. In your child’s folder you will find copies of the news the children have shared during August and September. Look for this and some ideas on how to use these news pages.


This week in our music classes we will be working on knowing the difference between a speaking voice and a singing voice. We will use siren sounds to help the children produce a singing voice in which you control the pitch of your voice.


Speaking of sirens, our class has been invited to join the preschool classes when the fire truck visits our school on Wednesday. Thanks for inviting us!