Knights Basketball – Girls

Girls Basketball has not yet begun for the 2023-2024 school year.

Assessment and introductory practice:

First Game of the season:

Junior Knights-
3rd grade girls will have the opportunity to participate in our junior knights program. Our opponents’ lowest competing age level is 4th or 5th grade; but we would like to get our third graders started in a safe and positive environment. Mrs. Gowling is offering a shortened practice time to work with junior knights on basic beginning skills. If your child demonstrates game readiness they may be invited to stay for a full practice or to play in games.

Girls Team: 4th-8th grade. This team will play 4-5 games in January and February. Practice is two times per week after school; 3:20-4:50 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Co-ed: We are in league with fellow WELS school, St. John’s Neillsville. Their teams are co-ed. We will join with our boys teams to create an A and B team to compete against Neillsville, in a home and away game.

Coaches: If you are interested in coaching or have any questions please email Mrs. Gowling at If you have an immediate need to get in contact during the season, you may call or text Mrs. Gowling at 952-797-2708.

Students will not be allowed to participate until the permission slip has been signed and returned to the office. There is a $20 fee to cover the cost of officials. Each family will be required to work concessions for one of our two home games. There is a possibility that I may schedule a third home game and that information will come out at a later date.