Why are tuition rates different for children who are and are not members of St. Paul’s congregation?


At St. Paul's, we recognize that as a congregation, we are a family. As part of our congregational family, we have made a commitment that the children of our active members (and families actively seeking fellowship within our congregation) will receive tuition assistance in the form of a lower cost of tuition. Member offerings offset the cost of education at St. Paul's by over 50%, and it is understood that parents who are part of the congregation contribute towards that with their offerings.

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Do you offer tuition assistance?


Every student at St. Paul's Lutheran School receives tuition assistance from our congregation in the sense that the congregation supports the school as its primary mission word, thus lowering the tuition cost compared to the actual cost of educating a child. In addition to the lowered tuition cost for all students attending St. Paul's, we also have a tuition assistance program called the Angel Fund. A percentage of the investment's dividends are withdrawn from the account each school year in September and divided evenly among those who apply who assistance. We always accept donations towards the Angel Fund as we [...]

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How do I make a payment?


Payments can be made with cash or check in the office or through the mail. You can also make payments online by visiting the "Payments" tab or by clicking here: Payments. Tuition payments may be made in full (5% discount if paid at the beginning of the school year) or in 10 monthly payments.

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