No. All applicant families must additionally provide two pieces of information to St. Paul’s.

One is proof of residency. This may be a recent utility bill, a cable bill, a tax bill, or another government-issued mailing that proves that the family lives at the location that it claims. Proof of residency is necessary for all applicants as the state uses this for the distribution of Choice vouchers.

Secondly, the family may need to document its financial eligibility. For those using the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) method, this typically means providing their completed and signed 2023 tax forms to St. Paul’s. For those using the Department of Revenue (DOR) method who did not check it themselves, this means providing the Social Security number(s) of the parent(s) during the application process.

Whichever method the family selects, the online application form informs parents what to provide to St. Paul’s.