Welcome to St. Paul’s Art Room

St. Paul’s Art Program takes learning beyond the basic classroom and expands on religion, history, math, science, and literature through thoughtful visual art making and creating. Through art, we support and encourage students to use their God-given gifts and talents through their work in and beyond the classroom to be positive and encouraging members of society.

Mrs. Buss is a discipline-based art educator meaning she teaches the skills and techniques of creating art and encourages students to think about how and why art is made. She loves relating her art projects to artists of our time or artists in history. She especially likes to teach skills like weaving and sewing.

Thank you for your support of encouraging words, donations of supplies, and monetary donations. Your support of art programming is appreciated beyond measure. The students of St. Paul’s thank you for valuing their education.

What’s Happening This Week

All things paper mache and sculpture last week…. Students were looking at the POP artists Claes Oldenberg and the cakes of Wayne Thiebaud. Peter Anton is a contemporary artist that also creates art that looks good enough to eat. Grades 3, 5-8 are creating a slice of cake out of plaster. In grades K-2, 4 students are making a heart box of chocolates or candies. These lessons teach students some basic sculpture making processes.

Artroom needs as we get closer to the art show. Masking tape.

Please sign up for opportunities to support our art program.

Art Show, March 22nd at 6pm. To make the event a success the display must go up! Please sign up to help set up the display and take down. Below is the link to volunteer


St. Paul’s art program is hosting a bake sale fundraiser during the art show. Bake goods will be accepted starting Thursday March 21st-Friday March 22nd. All baked goods will be for purchase through a freewill offering. All proceeds go directly to the art program for the purchase of materials for young artists to unlock their imagination, practice fine motor skills, develop critical thinking skills that use math, science, language skills, and connect to social sciences. Below is the link to sign up for a baked good donation.


Thank you for your support and helping the art program of St. Paul’s.

The “Dot Day”quilt will be raffled at the art show. Our Dorcas group is piecing together the square students hand tied and dyed this fall. Tickets will be sold in advance, date TBD. Proceeds will support the art program.

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