Mr. Hemling’s 6th-8th Grade Class Page!

There are many important things happening in the 6-8 room in the coming weeks! Most urgently, the Science Fair on March 31st. All students should have an approved project by this time. An approved project means that they have a signed document from me stating that their project is scientific. The second checkpoint sheet was sent home before Spring Break. This is the document where students organize their research and scientific method for their approved experiment. The second form is due back at school by this Friday (March24). By now, all students should be carrying out their experiments and recording data. We will be discussing elements of their display and write-up in class this week. We are also getting closer and closer to our Dinner Theater production of the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf. We will be having dress rehearsals in the coming weeks. This event is the major fundraiser for our upcoming Camp Philip field trip in May. There will be more details coming out about that field trip soon, as well as a parent meeting to discuss specifics and requirements for the trip.