Mr. Hemling’s 7th & 8th Grade Class Page!

Meet Mr. Hemling

My name is Timothy Hemling, and I will be teaching middle school grades at St. Paul’s. I was born and grew up in Beaver Dam, WI. I attended Northwester Prep. in Watertown, WI for high school, graduating in 1996. Then, I attended MLC in New Ulm, MN, graduating after a 5 year program in 2001. I completed my Master’s Degree in Principal Leadership in 2015, also from MLC. I met my wife, Sandra, at MLC and together we have served calls in rural Nebraska, central Wisconsin, Miami FL, and now in Northern Wisconsin! I enjoy camping and reading in my spare time, and am a published fiction author. I am looking forward to experiencing seasons again, doing some snowshoeing and skiing and meeting new friends and colleagues in the process.

What’s Happening This Week

This week we are wrapping up our Word of God essay on persecutions in the early church. We will usually have an essay project always in the works. Both math classes have begun their second chapter, and we have our first major test in American History on the Articles of Confederation through the Bill of Rights. Students are also working on a presentation in Current Events class on the origins of a food item. We are working on Major cities in the Midwest in Geography, and as always keeping up the pace in our class novel, The Red Badge of Courage!