Mrs. Gowling’s 4th & 5th Grade Class Page!

Meet Mrs. Gowling

Fourth and Fifth Grade! This summer I spent most of my time on adventures with my family and working in my yard and garden. Early in the morning I like to go to an exercise class with my friends. Then I go home and sit on my porch with my dogs, pray, and drink coffee. I love the sound of the birds in the yard while I talk to God. After that peaceful time I am ready for anything the day has in store. Routines are a wonderful way to start the day, so this school year you may expect a cheerful routine that will start our mornings in the classroom. Being a mom is a blessing and I love all of the mom stuff I do with and for Joseph(6th), Nora(4th), and Jack(4k), Mr. Gowling and I love activities and so do our children, so we have a lot of fun with sports and games. Music is another favorite in our house. Joseph plays the piano, Nora sings and plays the piano, and Jack will begin music lessons this fall.

What’s Happening This Week

No news from the 4th & 5th grade classroom this week!