Mrs. Hadenfeldt’s 4K Class Page

Meet Mrs. Hadenfeldt

Hello! I am Kristin Hadenfeldt and this will be my 20th year teaching at St. Paul’s School! I grew up in Fond du Lac WI where my dad owned and operated a pizza restaurant (Bob’s Pizza) for over 40 years. My first job was as a pizza cook and pizza deliverer! I went to college at MLC in New Ulm, MN. There I met my husband Loren and we moved to Menomonie soon after we got married. We have two daughters, Kyra (19) and Aleya (18). I most enjoy spending time with my family and camping. I also really enjoy running, this year I ran my first Boston Marathon and have ran 9 marathon in total. Other things I enjoy are cooking, crocheting, hiking, and cuddling my kitties! Currently I am finishing my masters in Academic Administration and hope to graduate by December 2024. I am really looking forward to a new school year and meeting new students and families!

What’s Happening This Week

Jesus Time This week we are reviewing the Bible lesson Jacob Sees a Beautiful Dream and we remember that God is always with us just as he promised and was always with Jacob. Tuesday and Thursday we begin learning about Joseph and learn that God Has a Plan for Joseph. In this lesson we are also reminded that God is always with us and we will learn the Bible passage:

  • Matthew 28:20 I am with you always.

Math: Last week we introduced the number 5 and what it looks like. We are reviewing identifying 1-4 and the number 5. We continue practicing counting to 10 everyday and have started putting into numerical order the numbers 1-5. This week we will work on counting, identifying numbers and sorting the number of objects that correspond with that number and play games to help us with our counting and number identification. In center time we have also been playing Hi-Ho Cherrio!

Happily Ever After: Last week we started our 2nd unit in Happily Ever After and listened to the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. With this story we are identifying sizes: large, medium and small, and learning the positional words under and over. We’ve been developing our fine motor skills more by cutting and learning how to be careful and safe when we use scissors. The letters we are learning in this unit are Cc and Dd.

The 4K class has started working on tracing and writing their names on their own. Please work with your children at home on writing their names keeping only the first letter uppercase and the rest of the letters lowercase.

Phy Ed/Music and Music & Movement: In Phy-Ed we will continue to work on balancing and jumping with two feet. We’ve also been playing the game Alligator Attack! We have to sneak past the “alligator” before he says “alligator attack”. If he catches us after he says that then we get to join him as an alligator too! This week we may change the name of the game to Dinosaur Attack since we are learning the letter Dd!

In music we moved on from rhythm sticks and started playing instruments keeping the beat along with the song Sweet Beats. This is a call and response song and we repeat the same beat pattern that Mr. Rob plays for us during the song. All the kids did a great job staying in time and playing along with the music!

7th & 8th Grade Game Time: Last Wednesday the 3K and 4K classroom got to know the 7th and 8th graders more and played the game “Duck, Duck, Goose”. I think the 7th and 8th graders had just as much fun or more fun than the younger students. They had a great time with their new “big” friends and can’t wait to do something with them again. We’re hoping to do more activities with individual classrooms throughout the school year!

Please remember to check your child’s backpack each day for a green folder! If you see this folder please check it and make sure you return it to school the next day! Also, please make sure to send a water bottle to school for your child. These will be sent home on Fridays to be washed.