Miss Maertz’s 3rd Grade Class Page!

Meet Miss Maertz

I teach the third grade students at St. Paul’s. I’m looking forward to guiding and engaging the students in their learning. It is a special privilege to be a part of their spiritual journey as they grow closer to their Savior Jesus. I’ve spent my whole life in the midwest. I grew up in the states of South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. After graduating from Martin Luther College in 1982, I started my teaching ministry in a small town in Michigan at a two-room school where I taught different combinations of grades K-4. From there I moved to Sparta, WI where I taught grades 3 and 4. Then my ministry took me to Harland, WI. Most of my years there were spent teaching grades 1 and 2. My favorite pastime is being out in the sunshine enjoying God’s creation. Though I haven’t done any special training, I enjoy photography and art. I also enjoy music and playing the organ and piano for church services. I would also like to learn to play the cello.

What’s Happening This Week

Word of God
Monday and Tuesday
Lesson: 13B God Calls Moses to Lead Israel
Truth: God gave Moses the help and strength needed to lead the Israelites.
Application: God gives us the help and strength we need to do his work here on earth. We willingly do whatever work God gives us.

Thursday and Friday
We have finished 1 of our Bible lessons. The students may keep their Set 1 folders at home.
Lesson: 1A Pharaoh Disobeys God
Truth: Pharaoh refused to obey God’s command to let the Israelites go.
Application: The Holy Spirit gives us faith so that we do not reject God’s Word. We gladly hear and obey God’s Word.

Word Study/Spelling The students received a new list of words for this week. Be sure to do the word study homework so they can all be successful on their Friday test.

Cold Weather Gear The children should be sure to have mittens or gloves and something to cover their heads in the cold winter weather. They also need to have boots when there is snow on the ground.