Mrs. Bjork’s 3K Class Page!

Meet Mrs. Bjork

Hello! My name is Mrs. Kelly Bjork and I am the 3K and EDP teacher. This is my first year teaching 3K but I have been assisting in 3K and 4K at St Paul’s since 2019. Last year I taught 4K; I am very excited to teach 3K this year. I grew up in Missouri but Menomonie has been my home since 2010. I have a Masters in theology from Life Christian University. I met my husband Andrew at Love Church in Menomonie (where we attend) and married him in 2018. This summer we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and our daughter’s, Glory, second birthday. I also have two step daughters that attend St. Paul’s, Tabitha (5th) and Liliana (3rd). In my free time, I like to go to our camper, play with my dog Maui, cross stitch, and read books.

What’s Happening This Week

This past week we joined 4k and 7th & 8th grades to play duck, duck, goose in the gym. The kids all had a wonderful time playing and getting to know the older kids.

Jesus Time with Mrs. Hadenfeldt: This week we are reviewing the Bible lesson Jacob Sees a Beautiful Dream and we remember that God is always with us just as he promised and was always with Jacob. Tuesday and Thursday we begin learning about Joseph and learn that God Has a Plan for Joseph. In this lesson we are also reminded that God is always with us and we will learn the Bible passage:

  • Matthew 28:20 I am with you always.

Language Development/Alphabet: Last week we reviewed letters A for Alexander Alligator and B for Betsy B. We also focused on nursery rhymes including Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep and 1, 2 Buckle my shoe

Math: Last week practiced our numbers with flash card ordering, 6 balloons way up in the sky felt board math, felt board counting, and 1, 2 buckle my shoe.

Phy Ed: Mr. Alligator

Scholastic: Apples

The big thing we worked on last week was boundaries. We listened to and sang the boundaries song (can be found on youtube). Discussing keeping our hands to ourselves and the things we can say when someone is in your space and what to do when you are in someone else’s space.