Mrs. Brunner’s 2nd Grade Class Page!

Meet Mrs. Brunner

This will be my 12th year teaching, of which 9 have been in second grade. I grew up in Colfax, WI then went to River Falls for my bachelors in biology and my masters in education. I like to sew for fun, and read. My latest hobby is laying in the hammock with Liz, my bearded dragon.

What’s Happening This Week

At the spelling bee for the lower grades, Brianna Bloor was the top speller for second grade. Nice Job Brianna!

Christ Light:
God Calls Moses (M/T)
Pharoah Does Not Obey God (Th/F) MW

Memory work for this week is one of our recitations for the Children’s Christmas program.
But God already had a plan.
He would not let us die.
He came and spoke a promise.
His love, the reason why.

In reading and spelling we will be looking at words that sound like “er” but are not spelled like we expect.

Math will include using coins to help with understanding concepts of 10, 5 and 1.

In Science, we will be looking at how seeds spread throughout the world.

We are writing a research paragraph which includes asking questions about a topic, reading and taking notes, then writing a paragraph.

Please make sure your child is prepared for the cold weather with a coat, snow pants, hat, mittens/gloves, and boots.