Mrs. Rust’s 1st Grade Class Page!

Meet Mrs. Rust

Hi! My name is Anne Rust and I am the 1st grade teacher. I grew up in New Ulm, MN (my dad was a professor at (D)MLC). I attended K5-college all in New Ulm. In May 1987 I graduated from (D)MLC. I have taught every level from K4-8th grade in 7 different WELS schools in Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. I love spending time with my Family, traveling, being outdoors. I am continuing to work on my golf game.

What’s Happening This Week

Christ Light:
The Fall of Jericho (M/T) MW: Psalm 119:105
Achan’s Sin (TH/F) MW: 1 Corn. 10:31

Thank you to the many kids who beautified our worship service on Sunday!


This week we continue to work on how to make the long vowel sounds and the many rules associated with this. We are also reading a play named The Contest. Another concept we are working on is cause and effect.

This week we are continuing with fractions and learning the fraction ¼, and comparing whole, half and fourth. We will also apply money concepts to purchasing items and begin adding 3 one digit numbers together.

We are continuing our “I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” science unit. I hope that everyone has been able to get their bodies hung up someplace at home. So far we have studied our brain, heart, kidneys and bladder and gallbladder. This week we will be learning about the skeletal system. Please remember to stay on top of these, so that they are not all getting attached to their bodies in the last week.

Be sure to send warm clothes for recess. Hats, mittens/gloves, and a warm jacket. This has been a strange winter for sure but we do try to get outside as much as possible! Please check your child’s backpack for damp winter gear that may need to be dried or switched out.