Mrs. Rust’s 1st Grade Class Page!

Meet Mrs. Rust

Hi! My name is Anne Rust and I am the 1st grade teacher. I grew up in New Ulm, MN (my dad was a professor at (D)MLC). I attended K5-college all in New Ulm. In May 1987 I graduated from (D)MLC. I have taught every level from K4-8th grade in 7 different WELS schools in Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. I love spending time with my Family, traveling, being outdoors. I am continuing to work on my golf game.

What’s Happening This Week

Before Thanksgiving break we had the lower grade spelling bee. The top 2 spellers in first grade were Graham Kosbab and Adeline Dietsche. Well done!

Christ Light:
God Calls Moses (M/T) MW Is. 43:11
Pharoah Does Not Obey God (Th/F) MW Luke 11:28 Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it.

We are starting unit 5 this week. We will be taking a lot of time practicing and reviewing how to add an ending (-ing and -ed) to base words. The rules are as follows: if a word has only 1 vowel and has 2 or more consonants after the vowel you can simply add the ending. Ex: walk + ing = walking. If a word has only 1 vowel and only has 1 consonant after the vowel you need to double the consonant before adding the ending. Ex: hug + ing = hugging.) We will also discuss how these 2 endings change the meaning of the base word.

We are counting by 10s, 5s, even and odd numbers; continuing to read and place time on analog and digital clocks; talk about AM and PM; understanding the place values for 1s, 10s, and hundreds.

We have begun practicing our songs for the Christmas service. (Dec. 17th) All the songs will be learned at school; however the recitation parts will be assigned as memory work for December. Look for the memory work print out in your Knight folder tonight (11/28). I have put the date it is to be recited in front of the passage. Thanks for helping with these pieces at home!

Be sure to send warm clothes for recess. Hats, mittens/gloves, and a warm jacket! Boots and snow pants are required if they chose to play in the snow.