Mrs. Brunner’s 2nd Grade Class Page!

Welcome Back! I hope your Spring break was restful!

This week we will continue to work on our play for the Spring Fling on April 28th. Your child has their script in their Reading Pocket.

In Science we will be doing an activity testing different materials for insulating properties. If you have empty 20oz bottles at home we could use a few for Thursday.

This week’s Memory treasures are: 8th Commandmant You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. (March 21)

Hymn 596:1 Let me be yours forever, my faithful God and Lord; let me forsake you never nor wander from your Word. Lord do not let me waver but give me steadfastness, and for such grace and favor Your holy name I’ll bless. (March 24)

Singing in Church- 1st through 4th grade will be singing at our 9 am church service this Sunday the 24th.

Spelling goes back to normal this week with a spelling list to practice for a test on Friday.

2nd Grade Amazon Wish list