Welcome to the 2nd Grade Page!

Last week students went into studies of map making and the solar system.

Students also enjoyed Eat My Fish fish farm. It was so much fun. I had a great time teaching fishing skills to my students. My brother is a fishing guide in the Lake Geneva area and in Arizona, I kid you not… Surrounded by fisherpeople growing up I have picked up a few skills and tricks. (I have to admit I have not cast a fishing rod in maybe 20 years, due to not obtaining a license).

Such an amazing group of students in second grade this year. Each contributing their own unique addition to our classroom culture. This group is caring and considerate, willing to learn new things, and excited for new experiences. They have been a pleasure to teach and they are not the only ones who have been educated. I thank them most for teaching me news things and making me seek answers. Together this year has been a blessing to me and I am sure to them. I will miss having a general ed classroom as it has been such an enlightening experience and fun with this group. I do look forward to focusing on art twice as much this next school year and with our growing school.