Miss Maertz’s 3rd Grade Class Page!

Christ Light

  • This week’s lessons are:
    Monday/Tuesday 5A The Baptism of Jesus
    Thursday/Friday 4B The Temptation of Jesus
  • Be sure to go over Memory Treasures with your children. Memory Treasures are recited on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We work on them at school, but most of the students will need to also practice them at home in order to know them well. If your child needs more work on a given Memory Treasure, that will be recorded in the student’s planner.

Word Study
This week the students are receiving their third spelling list. Please refer to the sheet explaining word study homework that you received. Spelling homework will be included in the students’ planners, but you will need to refer to the document for explanations. Hang on to this sheet for future reference.

THANK YOU! Several items from our wish lists have been donated. A big thanks to those who donated the CD player, document camera, and the magnetic base ten blocks and fraction circles. All will be used in the next few days!